Feeling Much Better Now

Hi all. I am feeling so much better today. I am feeling more relaxed than I have ever felt before. I am doing yoga classes just down the road and it has helped so much. 

I have also cut down on the number of clients I see during the week as I just overloaded myself with too much work. So, I do apologize to those who are trying to make an appointment at the last minute. I will now be taking advanced bookings only and I am now having to ask for deposits as I have had last minute cancellations, which completely ruins my day. This will also keep away the time wasters that I have been getting lately. They seem to come and go, and I have spoken to a couple of my friends, and they also have the same problem, and they too ask for deposits. So, I am relieved to hear that it is not just me.

So it is back to my herbal tea and a really delightful book that I am reading.

Bye for now