Blog Post 13-02-2023

Well I thought it was about time that I wrote a blog post about my new House and Pet sitting journey. I have been blogging (from my previous career) for many years. It is something that I have always enjoyed and I am now ready to get back into it.

I have been House and Pet sitting now for just over four months and I have to say that I have enjoy every minute. I never thought that it would keep me so busy, there is always something to do. I am still learning the ropes as there is always something new to learn especially when it comes to contacting a host and securing a sitting job.

When I closed my salon in September 2022, I knew that I had made the right decision. I simple love my new lifestyle and the freedom that comes with it. Do not get me wrong, it’s not all plain sailing, there have been moments where I had doubts, but I think for me that comes from fear and the not knowing, but I do not let it get in the way. If anything, it’s what gives me more motivation to follow what makes me happy. I have learnt so much about myself since I started this journey, and I am really looking forward to exploring so much more.

I look forward to sharing my journey and I hope that it will inspire people to live a life that makes them happy.

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