Happy one year anniversary to me

Today marks the one-year anniversary since I embarked on my full-time journey of house and pet sitting. This past year has been filled with incredible experiences and valuable lessons. Not only have I gained a deeper understanding of the responsibility of caring for others’ animals, but I have also discovered more about myself.

I am grateful for the opportunity to continue learning and hope to pursue this fulfilling endeavor for years to come. Currently, I am enjoying my time in the picturesque Blue Mountains, where I will be house and cat sitting until the end of September. As September also happens to be my birthday month, I plan to indulge in some well-deserved self-care during my stay.

So, if you’re feeling extra generous and want to make my birthday super awesome, you can totally buy me a coffee! Just head over to my linktree profile and add some funds to my tip charge. But hey, here’s a secret: it doesn’t have to go towards coffee. I can always use it for my travels and living expenses. I promise I won’t spend it all on silly things… well, maybe just a little. Thanks in advance for making my day even more caffeinated and adventurous!


Latest House and Cat sitting- Stanley

I recently completed my most recent house and cat sitting assignment, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The location was ideal, situated in close proximity to the main shopping centers and the CBD. The apartment I stayed in was sparsely furnished, as it served as the owners’ original home while they resided on the central coast. I appreciated the minimalist aesthetic. The city views from the apartment were particularly stunning, especially at night.

On the first day of my stay, I drove my car into the garage and noticed that the owners had left the garage door open for me, which I found thoughtful. I made multiple trips to unload my belongings from the car, and when I finally finished, I closed the garage door. To my surprise, it locked when I tried to reopen it. I remembered the owner mentioning that the garage door was broken and couldn’t be locked, so I found this situation perplexing.

A feeling of distress quickly arose, prompting me to promptly contact the proprietor for assistance. In response, she inquired whether I had indeed entered the correct garage. I reassured her that I had, as it was the third garage from the furthest end, correct? It was then that I noticed the numbers on top of each garage were difficult to see, as the building had recently been painted, and the painters had affixed tape with the numbers. It dawned on me that I had mistakenly parked in the wrong garage.

If video doesnt show in your email you can watch it on the website or on You Tube

I became slightly panicked when I realized I had an appointment that day and needed my car. However, after calming down, I realized there was not much I could do. I left a note on the garage door apologizing for my mistake. Later that afternoon, the garage owner called me and found it amusing. Although I had to cancel my appointment, I understand that mistakes like this can happen. I have learned my lesson and will pay more attention to numbers next time.

Caring for Stanley proved to be somewhat challenging due to his nervous nature, which is understandable given the unfamiliar environment. Cats tend to hide away when introduced to a new home.

Fortunately, my reputation as the cat whisperer is well-deserved. Stanley, in particular, mustered the confidence to not only sleep beside me but also became quite vocal.

Despite occasional instances of seclusion throughout the day, he and I found solace and amusement in watching cat videos on YouTube during bedtime.

You can view Stanleys gallery here

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In Fond Remembrance of Ritzy, the beloved dog

August has been a very sorrowful month for me and my friends. I experienced the loss of a dear friend, as well as the passing of two lovely pets that I had the opportunity to care for while their owners were absent. And of course, we mustn’t overlook the memory of Marilyn Monroe.

Today, I received some very sad news about Ritzy. In May, I was taking care of Ritzy while his owner was away on holidays. Let me tell you, that dog was incredibly cute! he was always full of energy, bouncing around and spreading love to everyone and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Rest in peace, beloved Ritzy.

Here is a little video I have on My You Tube Channel