Latest House & Cat Sitting

So, I’ve just wrapped up this 2-month gig house and cat sitting up in the gorgeous Blue Mountains. It’s been a total blast getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, it’s given me the chance to tackle a ton of online work that was piling up.

So, here I am, chilling in the mountains, taking a breather from the chaos of life. It’s been a great opportunity for me to sit back, relax, and think about where this new chapter of my life is headed. And let me tell you, I am pumped for what’s coming next. But hold up, before I spill the beans, let me give you a sneak peek into how my day started up here in this serene paradise.


I pulled up in my car, and it was packed to the brim with stuff. Seriously, I couldn’t even see out the back window. The drive up here took a little over two hours from my last house sit. When I finally arrived, there wasnt plenty of space for me to park and unload, so I thought it would be a good idea to reverse into her driveway, but it turned out to be a bit of a challenge. The driveway was on a slight hill, and I could see this huge wooden electrical post right behind me. I knew I wasn’t going to make it, so I had to move forward. But as I did, my car started rolling back a little, and the pressure from the pole caused the back window to shatter into a million pieces.

Driving a manual car is like having a secret superpower, until you come across a hill. I mean, seriously, this little car of mine turns into a wheezing turtle trying to climb Mount Everest. It’s like watching a sloth trying to do a marathon. I can almost hear it screaming, “Help! I need a boost!” Well, at least it gives me a good laugh while I desperately pray for some extra horsepower.

So, I totally smashed the back car windscreen. I still can’t believe it actually happened. I was fine, it’s not like a smashed the car up, it was just the pressure from the pole that smashed it. But seriously, what was I supposed to do? All I could think about was unloading the car and getting that window fixed ASAP. So, to cut a long story short. It got fixed in a mtter of days….Thank Goddess for Car Insurance.

After a few weeks, I finally got comfortable here. The weather was starting to cool down, so luckily I brought all my winter stuff in the car, this is why my car has been so packed.

Some Sad News

Anyway, one morning, I was just casually looking out the kitchen window, where you could see a small pond with two big gold fish. But wait, something seemed off. I had to do a double take and realized that one of the big black fish was floating on the water. I freaked out and rushed outside to investigate. Turns out, the poor thing had died on me. I couldn’t believe it! Now I had to let the owner know, and all sorts of thoughts were racing through my head. What would she think of me?

The owner said that the fish probably died of old age because it was really old. I felt really sad and bad about it. So, I decided to drive up to Pet Barn in Katoomba and bought another fish. They had the same kind of fish, but theirs was much smaller. The guy in the shop told me that it would grow much bigger.

A few days later, I couldn’t find the little fish that I had added to the pond. I thought maybe it had swum out or something. I contacted the owner and she said the big fish might have eaten it. OMG, I couldn’t believe it! Why didn’t I know this? So that’s two fish that have died in three weeks. A few days later, I went to feed the remaining big fish, and to my surprise, I saw the little fish swimming right next to it. I was so excited and immediately contacted the owner. I was so happy, and the little fish is still there till the day I left.

More Sad News

The two months here went by so quickly. Sadly, I had to attend a wake for a friend who was also my client and accountant. James was the sweetest kindest person. He would always be there for you when you needed help. He will be missed by many people. RIP James.

So, here I am, my friends, crying my eyes out but refusing to let it stop me. I will finish this blog post, and I will do it with my head held high and tears streaming down my face. Because sometimes, life throws us curveballs, and it’s up to us to hit them out of the park.

Pushka The Ragdoll…..A Happy Moment

Taking care of Pushka the Ragdoll has been an interesting and fun experience. The owner told me the story of how she met Pushka. Someone had abandoned him, and he used to come into her garden, so she decided to keep him. The owner also said that he usually does his own thing and doesn’t like to be picked up or sit on her lap. But things have changed, and now little Pushka loves to be picked up. I even taught him a little trick. He jumps up when I ask him for a kiss kiss, and of course, he gets a treat.

Clearing Out My Storage Unit

Since I’ve been here, I’ve had to make the dreaded drive into Sydney to clear out my storage locker. It’s not exactly my favorite thing to do, but it’s necessary since I closed my business over a year ago. I’ve been slowly getting rid of stuff, giving things away to friends and charity shops. It hasn’t been easy since a lot of these things hold memories, but I’m glad that each time I visit the storage unit, I manage to part with more stuff. I think I might have just a couple more things to give away, but after that, I’ll probably keep the rest.

I’ve been giving away a lot of stuff on Facebook Marketplace, which can be a bit frustrating because there are so many time wasters and scammers. Instead of selling, I’ve been offering things for free because I know they’ll go quickly that way. Yesterday, I posted more items and this time I suggested trading for fruit, a vegetarian meal, or juice. But guess what? It didn’t work. I guess people are either too greedy or they just don’t have enough for themselves. So, if no one wants these things by Thursday, I’ll either donate them to a charity shop or take them back to my storage unit.

August Full Moon

So, at the end of August, I was all about celebrating the full moon. Let me tell you, the view from the backyard balcony was absolutely mind-blowing! It was like something out of a movie. I couldn’t help but feel super stoked about it. And you know what? I took full advantage of the situation by bringing out all my crystals to charge under the magical glow of the full moon. It was such a cool experience, I gotta say. My camera even managed to take some super cool photos.

More Sad News

A couple of days ago, I was sorting through my bags, getting everything ready for when I leave. I like to start packing early, especially if I’ve been sitting at a place for a long time. I need to start packing because, obviously, I’ve made myself at home. So, I received a text message that I didn’t reply to. Then, they left a voice message, and it turned out to be my best friend’s mother, asking me to call her. When I did, I asked if everything was okay. She said that her Louise had passed away. I screamed out, saying No No No No… We both started to cry. I just couldn’t talk; I couldn’t believe it. Once again, I had lost another best friend. I was told that she passed away on the 10th of September, which is exactly 4 weeks since her cat Oscar passed away. I know she was heartbroken after her beloved cat passed. How strange that it happened on this date.

Wow, it’s still hard to believe. I’ve been trying to distract myself with all sorts of things, like I usually do, but every now and then, memories of the time we spent together come rushing back. Rest in peace, Louise. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

So, here I am, taking deep breaths and trying to regain some semblance of composure. It’s not easy, let me tell you. Every few seconds, another wave of tears threatens to spill over. But I’m determined, and I won’t let my emotions get the best of me. You might be wondering why I don’t just take a break and come back to it later. Well, my friend, that’s a valid question. But you see, this blog post is important to me. It’s something I’ve been working on for weeks, pouring my heart and soul into every word. And I refuse to let a little emotional turbulence derail my progress.

I choose to finish this blog post, even if it means doing it with puffy eyes and a sniffly nose. Because at the end of the day, what matters is not how we look or how perfect our circumstances are. What matters is our determination and our willingness to keep going, no matter what.

Happy Birthday To Me

During my two-month stay, I actually celebrated my birthday. It’s become a regular thing for me to be alone on this special day. It’s been like that for the past few years since I’ve been constantly moving from one country to another, making it difficult to meet and make new friends. I have to admit, I do live the life of a hermit. The other day, a friend called me a hermit Witch, I took it as a compliment. After all, I am Wiccan, my beliefs and practices are rooted in a deep respect for nature and the interconnectedness of all living beings. I strive to live in harmony with the natural world and honor the cycles of the seasons. By embracing the power of ritual and the wisdom of ancient traditions, I seek to cultivate a sense of balance and spiritual fulfillment in my life.

Anyway, where was I? being in solitude doesn’t bother me at all. It doesn’t bring me down. I am always busy, and there’s never a dull moment in my life. I simply love my own company, and I’m not alone. I always have animals around me, which I much prefer over humans, to be honest. Humans tend to disappoint me.

So, on my birthday, I wasn’t really in the mood to hang out with anyone. My best friend had just passed away, so I was content with being by myself. However, I did decide to take a stroll since the area had a bunch of waterfalls. But after about 20 minutes of walking down this quiet dirt path, I quickly realized that I wasn’t properly prepared for hiking, especially on my own.

So, I hopped in my car and drove up to Katoomba, where I visited the Three Sisters lookout. I was a bit bummed that I had to shell out $5.00 just to park my car for 30 minutes though.The 3 Sisters lookout is such a stunning place, and I’m glad it was a weekday because there weren’t too many tourists around. Afterwards, I decided to drive up to Katoomba. It’s kind of sad to see that it’s slowly becoming a ghost town. Many shops have closed down because of high rent, and they’ve even put in parking meters. On the bright side, there are still plenty of camping and hiking shops to explore.

Good Bye Sweet Pushka

I had a great time house sitting and taking care of Pushka the Ragdoll for 2 months. But now, I’m moving on from the Blue Mountains. My next adventure is taking me to Victoria, and I’m really excited about it. I’ll be house sitting there for the a couple of weeks as well as taking some time out to catch up with friends, and then I’m off to Europe for November.

Pushka watching You Tube

New House and Cat Sit

Currently, I’m chilling at this cool new house sit on the South Coast of NSW. My job? Taking care of another super cute Ragdoll named Mathildes. She’s keeping me company for a few days, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier.

Well thats all for now folks. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.


Latest House and Cat sitting- Stanley

I recently completed my most recent house and cat sitting assignment, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The location was ideal, situated in close proximity to the main shopping centers and the CBD. The apartment I stayed in was sparsely furnished, as it served as the owners’ original home while they resided on the central coast. I appreciated the minimalist aesthetic. The city views from the apartment were particularly stunning, especially at night.

On the first day of my stay, I drove my car into the garage and noticed that the owners had left the garage door open for me, which I found thoughtful. I made multiple trips to unload my belongings from the car, and when I finally finished, I closed the garage door. To my surprise, it locked when I tried to reopen it. I remembered the owner mentioning that the garage door was broken and couldn’t be locked, so I found this situation perplexing.

A feeling of distress quickly arose, prompting me to promptly contact the proprietor for assistance. In response, she inquired whether I had indeed entered the correct garage. I reassured her that I had, as it was the third garage from the furthest end, correct? It was then that I noticed the numbers on top of each garage were difficult to see, as the building had recently been painted, and the painters had affixed tape with the numbers. It dawned on me that I had mistakenly parked in the wrong garage.

If video doesnt show in your email you can watch it on the website or on You Tube

I became slightly panicked when I realized I had an appointment that day and needed my car. However, after calming down, I realized there was not much I could do. I left a note on the garage door apologizing for my mistake. Later that afternoon, the garage owner called me and found it amusing. Although I had to cancel my appointment, I understand that mistakes like this can happen. I have learned my lesson and will pay more attention to numbers next time.

Caring for Stanley proved to be somewhat challenging due to his nervous nature, which is understandable given the unfamiliar environment. Cats tend to hide away when introduced to a new home.

Fortunately, my reputation as the cat whisperer is well-deserved. Stanley, in particular, mustered the confidence to not only sleep beside me but also became quite vocal.

Despite occasional instances of seclusion throughout the day, he and I found solace and amusement in watching cat videos on YouTube during bedtime.

You can view Stanleys gallery here

Read what the owner had to say about my sitting here