Merry Merry Everybody

This year I have decided to open my doors, no not for business but for the homeless. There are so many homeless people in Soho and if one of them needs a roof over their head I will be there for them. Naturally, I cannot let them all in, but I will do my best to accommodate them. I have met a few familiar faces who are always in the area, and they are always nice to me. I always stop for a chat, and I always give them money. I know that some of you would say do not give them money because they will spend it on drugs, but that is none of my business. If it will make them happy then it will make me happy. I know that what they really need is food but a lot of them would prefer to have a hit of something or buy alcohol.

I will also be seeing some overseas clients which is exceedingly rare for this time of the year, but I can’t say no as work is work and it’s not like I’m on holidays or anything.

So whatever you’re doing Merry Xmas and see you all in the new year…