Taking time out between house sitting.

About three weeks ago I had a gap of a few days in between house sitting. Usually when I have gaps I would stay at a friend’s house who have a spare room, or I will visit another friend in Sydney where she’s happy for me to sleep on her couch until I start my next house sit. Staying at friends houses is something that I try to avoid as I really hate to impose on them, but they are always offering and I always make sure I do not interrupt their daily routines.

A friend of mine, who lives in a place called Colo, which is a small town located North-West of Sydney, contacted me out of the blue. He has been asking me to come up for a visit for a while now, and I was never able to due to work commitments. This time around I was able to take him up on his offer. I did not even know that this little town existed, so I looked it up and asked him a few questions like, will my little car make it, is it a safe place and where will I be sleeping.

The drive usually takes about 1.5 hours from Sydney but seeing as I like to stick to the speed limit and my little car; which is packed with all my belongings, it took me a little longer.

I certainly was not prepared for the 2.5kilometer driveway to the location, and I am surprised that my poor little car even made it through the rugged bushland. What’s meant to be the driveway was full of pot holes, followed by muddy steep hills and I had to cross three small bridges that I have to admit was a very scary experience. You definitely need a 4 wheel drive to get through this and I wasn’t very happy that he had not mentioned how rough the driveway would be. Thankfully one of his female friends; who also lives on the property, sat in the passenger seat and guided me through the scary drive.

But, I made it in one piece and I made a mental note to have the suspension looked at once I got back to civilisation. The place I stayed at was off grid. This would be my first time. I have always wanted to live off grid and try it out to see if I could live this lifestyle, but the fact that I was not able to get any phone coverage was not ideal for me as I need a wi-fi connection so I can stay updated with my emails and my clients. I was able to connect to my friends Hot-Spot but it was very limited and very frustrating. Next time, I will be fully prepared.

On my first day, it took me awhile to settle in. My new home was an old caravan, my first time in one. I first gave it a good clean out, the Virgo in me insisted. Next, I unloaded the car with all my bags. Then I laid down my own sheets, blankets, and pillow. They come everywhere with me. Once all this was done, I changed my clothes, wearing pretty much nothing as it was a very hot day. I stepped out of the caravan and sat down and took in the surroundings.

I was left on my own as everyone that lived on the property had gone for the day. So, here I am out in the bush, on my own, no phone coverage, no wi-fi and for a moment I was getting a little anxious but I soon got into the flow of things and kept reminding myself that it will all be ok.

And it was, during my time here I got to finish a book that I have been wanting to read for a long time. I got to update my diary entries and I got to experience the wildlife.

Would I do this again? well I wont say no, but next time I will make sure I am better prepared.