In March 2021, I embarked on my healer training journey at the esteemed ASHATI Institute. Through rigorous study and dedication, I have successfully completed a comprehensive range of courses, including Ashati Healing (1-3), Reiki (1-3), Healer Training, Master Training, Ascension Training (1-5), Alsemia (1-13), Higher Senses, and Soul Rescue. The knowledge and skills I have acquired in these areas have enabled me to offer a holistic approach to healing and provide optimal support to those seeking wellness and spiritual growth.

Reiki Energy Healing:

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) Energy Healing is a Hands on or a Palm healing technique.
A Universal Energy is transferred and flows through the palms of the practitioner to the recipient (patient, client).

Energy is channelled to the Chakras as well as organs in the body.

Promotes healing for stress reduction
• Healing Energy flows through affected parts in the body charging it with positive energy
• Can assist in healing illness

Ashati Healing:

Ashati is a natural method that facilitates emotional, mental, and physical healing by re-establishing a deep energetic connection to higher levels of consciousness. Through this practice, individuals can rediscover the beauty and connection in all aspects of life, including themselves, others, and their experiences. Additionally, Ashati aids in the release of repressed emotions, energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, as well as false goals, wants, and needs.


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