Latest House and Cat Sit- June 2023

Looking after Fetou and Squirt

House and cat sitting can be a rewarding task, especially when you get to care for adorable kitties like Fetou and Squirt. I have developed a positive relationship with them and their homeowners.

Having a clean and comfortable environment, including your own bedroom, makes the experience even more enjoyable. It is essential to feel at ease and have a sense of familiarity when you are taking care of someone else’s home and pets.

Caring for animals can bring a lot of joy and fulfillment. Cats, in particular, have their unique charm and can provide companionship and entertainment.

I have developed a bond with Fetou and Squirt over multiple occasions. It is a testament to the trust the owners have with me.

Housesitting allows you to experience a different environment while still having the comfort of a familiar space. It can be a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of a home without the long-term commitment. Additionally, it offers a chance to explore different neighbourhoods and communities.

It is a nice feeling when a home & pet owner ask you back. Building a positive rapport with pets and their owners can lead to more opportunities in the future.