Still unpacking

Ok this is getting silly. I am still unpacking and shifting things around. I just cannot decide where to put things. The front room which is meant to be the lounge room is now my working room. It is so much bigger than what I had in Soho, wait till you see it. It is so quiet in my street; I am so not use to this. I am afraid to sneeze I might wake up the neighbours. That is how quiet it is here. I do not know if that is a good or terrible thing. I guess time will tell. Oh, and did I mention that I am near to the beach. I am so happy with my new home. I have a garden as well which I am told I must maintain myself, which is going to be a pain, but I can do it. I just need to get myself a lawn mower. Or I can always pay someone to do it. Well now that the front room is almost sorted, I will be opening for business again. I am not close to the train station as I was in London, but it is just a short taxi journey from Brighton station.

Hello Brighton

I cannot believe I am finally here. I am so tired and exhausted from the move as you can imagine. People here are so nice, not rude like London people. Right now, I am at a local cafe with my laptop sipping on a delicious hot chocolate and I wanted to quickly let you all know how I was doing. I have not been online for a while I really needed to get out of the house and take a break from is unpacking and rearranging stuff. I did not realize just how much stuff I had and most of it is all work stuff.

So I can see that is It is going to take a while before I finally settle in, though I cannot wait till it starts to warm up and I will be going for walks every day by the sea. This move feels so right to me. I have not had any alarm bells ringing. Everything feels so comfortable, and it all feels exactly right that it is just so hard to believe.

After living in London for the so long I cannot believe it’s taken me so long to get out of there. But I did have stuff going on and I knew that the day would come for me to go.

Well it’s almost midnight and I the cafe is still open till late, but I should get back and get some rest as tomorrow is a brand-new day. I have people coming over who will be helping me pack so that is good I guess.

Goodbye London

Well, it looks like the ball is rolling. I have put it out there and I am sending all my signals to the universe and so far, so good. I will be saying goodbye to London in April. The date is yet not set. I have been frantically looking for a suitable home that I can work from but all the places that I’ve looked at were shit holes. I am going to have to pay more rent to get a decent place, and here I was thinking that Brighton would be cheaper than London but it’s not. But that is OK, at least I will be near the seaside and away from all the hustle and bustle. So cannot wait. I am pretty much packed, though I can’t pack too much as I still have some clients to see.

My business closing date will be April 7th and to be honest I don’t think I can fit in anymore bookings from now till then as I really do have so much to organize. 

I have spoken to my regulars and a few of them said that they will come to Brighton to see me, so I was so happy to hear this. I am sure I will also be seeing new clients from the South coast. Well, I must get back to work so much to do in so little time.